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Kennedy Memoirs Deal

According to the New York Times, Senator Kennedy has inked an $8 million deal to write his memoirs in a story headlined "Kennedy Memoirs Said to Fetch $8 Million."

Is the working title, maybe, If I Killed Her? No, wait, that title has already been taken.

Islamofascist Awareness Week Opposition

There has been much misinformation about the recent Islamopfascist Awareness Week. I ran across this twisted lecture at Emory University. It is extraordinarily wrong-headed.
A Lecture By Dr. Hassan Ali El-Najjar at Emory University, October 23, 2007, about Islamofascist Awareness Week.Greetings and Introduction:
It gives me great pleasure to be here tonight to participate in an educational event that I hope to increase our understanding of our world, to contribute to the world peace, and prosperity of all nations, particularly our country, the United States of America.

I'd like first to thank Cleave Pierce and the Outspoken Allies who through their efforts and courageous initiative made this event possible. They have lit tonight's candle instead of joining a long line of others who have been content with cursing darkness, in a whispering and whining tone.

I'd like also to thank the administration of the Emory University which allowed the event to happen as a contribution to…

Mahmoud. el-Yousseph Recognizes America as Muslim-Friendly

Mahmoud el-Yousseph, who has been criticized as a Hezbollah apologist, sent me a letter published in the Marion Star. I would provide a link, but the Marion Star (Marion, Ohio) foolishly inhibits links, so I cannot. However, here are excerpts:
Believe or not, America is more Muslim-friendly since 9/11, and more so than the rest of the western world. In case you have any doubt, please read the three items that were reported this year:

June 2, 2007 AP wire service story about Bilan Nur, a 22 year-old Somali woman from Phoenix, Arizona: She worked for several years for Alamo Rent-A-Car. The company fired her for refusing the take off her hijab (headscarf). Nur registered a complaint at the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC sued the company. A federal jury said the company must pay her $288,000 for firing her for wearing the hijab. ... Yes, Justice is blind in America!

July 20, 2007: According to the Chicago Tribune, two Muslim women from the Cincinnati area were ab…

Hobnobbing with Terrorists

On October 15, 2007, CAIR-Ohio and the Muslim Student Association at Ohio State University invited Dr. Jamal Badawi to speak. The usual left-wing suspects (such as the National Organization for Women "NOW") failed to protest. What's wrong with Dr. Badwai speaking?

As Patrick Poole points out, Dr. Badari hobnobs with Hamas and terrorists. He is also a participant (board member) of terrorist-founded organizations. I have detailed in previous posts the problems with Hamas. The Hamas charter sets Hamas up as an enemy not only of the United States, but our entire way of life. Hamas institutionalizes violent Jihad.

Should a man be known by the company he keeps? Well, yes. That is not "guilt by association." No one is accusing Dr. Badawi of guilt by personally participating in terrorism. Hobnobbing with terrorists does not make anyone a terrorirst directly. But it makes him a suspicious person and apparently a terrorist sympathizer. A person whose views are s…

Arab Initiative

Is the Arab initiative the answer to bring peace to the Middle East? Alon Ben-Meir, professor of international relations at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU, discusses it in an article in American Chronicle brought to my attention by Mahmoud El-Yousseph.

The Arab initiative would result in Israel withdrawing from the "occupied territories" and establishing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Professor Ben-Meir says,
Third, since there are many extremist Arab groups, such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah, that oppose the peace process, only the collective Arab political will can rein in by any means these groups. Moreover, without such a collective effort, it will be impossible to successfully combat terrorism unless the communities that support such terrorists groups are alienated from their leadership. Here too, only the Arab states working in concert can bring about the communal socio-economic and political change, in combination with force i…

Hate Crimes in the U.S.

Number of hate crime victims from the FBI official statistics by bias motivation for 2006:

Anti-black: 3332
Anti-white: 1054
Anti-Jewish: 1144
Anti-Islamic: 208
Anti-Hispanic: 819

Mr. El-Yousseph Responds

David, Lest we learn from history, we are doomed to make the mistake again. The same demogouge was said of Japanese American fellowing the attack on Pearl Harbor. We did not trust them, we put them in concentration camps. Then we send their men to fight for us in the southPasific and they were performed heroically and were highly decorated units. You will never question the loyalt of Jewish American to the US when they express support and sympathy to Israel. Even their support is sending to money to built illegal settlemnet- which is illegal under U.S. law. What about spying by some of them and giving our top secrets to foreign nation? What about demand of every U.S presdient since 1985 the release a spy [Johnathon Pollard] who is serving life-sentence in U.S. jail. At least I encouraged my oldest son the join the US miltary, where as they encourage their sons and daughters to join the Israeli defense forces. That is the forces who killed in cold blood 34 of our sailors, and injured 172…

Open Letter to Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Reference: Your support of Hezbollah as Reported Here and Here.

Dear Mr. El-Yousseph
I do not believe that you INTEND to be disloyal to the United States.You have vigorously and often proclaimed your allegiance, you served in the country's military, and your son is serving now.I concede your sincerity.But here is my problem.Your apparently sincere loyalty to the United States is in direct contradiction to your support for Hezbollah.Hezbollah has declared its enmity with the United States.Hezbollah has attacked and terrorized United States civilians and military several times.I understand that you disagree with the policies of the United States in the Middle East.That is your right.You have the right to voice that objection, demonstrate, write your Congressman, write letters to the editor, and whatever.But whatever you preferred policies in the Middle East, any support for Hezbollah as an organization (or Hamas for that matter) is necessarily disloyal to the United States,…

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar: Arrogant Jerk

Last week on the Glenn Beck television program, United States Representative Henry Cuellar made an arrogant, demeaning comment to another guest, the county sheriff in Laredo, who like Cuellar was Hispanic. The comment implied that the sheriff should stick to sheriff work and leave public policy to important people like Cuellar (not his exact words, but that was the clear meaning).

To his credit, Glenn Beck called Cuellar on the comment and said, "Shame on you" to Cuellar for the belittling the sheriff. It turns out that Cuellar's brother is running for election against that particular sheriff.

Now, Cuellar is going around calling Glenn Beck a racist. Apparently in Cuellar's world, if you do something dumb, don't apologize:. Defend yourself by calling others evil and unsupportable names.

I tried to email Representative Cuellar about the issue, but according to his website, I can't get his email address unless I live in his district. What arrogance!

If you l…

Hezbollah Support as Treason?

About supporting Hezbollah which has declared itself an enemy of the United States, this is from the United States Code:
18 USC § 2381. Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving themaid and comfortwithin the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.I am not sure what "adheres to their enemies" means exactly, but I suspect it means giving loyalty. "Aid and comfort" surely would include giving money, but dies it also include giving public support?

Draw your own conclusions.

Support for Hezbollah: Act of Disloyalty

Previous posts have discussed Hamas, but what about Hezbollah? Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a local and vocal Muslim considers himself a patriot. He is an ex-marine and claims a tremendous love for the United States, yet he supports Hezbollah, calling its mujahadin "freedom fighters."

Is it possible to be an American patriot and also support Hezbollah, really?

The Hezbollah charter published February 16, 1985, says in part,
We combat abomination and we shall tear out its very roots, its primary roots, which are the US. All attempts made to drive us into marginal actions will fail, especially as our determination to fight the US is solid.
Our Objectives
Let us put it truthfully: the sons of Hizhallah know who are their major enemies in the Middle East - the Phalanges, Israel, France and the US.Hezbollah acts upon its enmity with the United States:
April 1983: Hezbollah sent a truck laden with explosives into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 63, including 19 Americans.
October 23, 1…

What is Hamas All About?

What does it mean to support Hamas.? What is Hamas anyway?

According to the Hamas charter, Hamas wasformed by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslims Brotherhood is a large and widely known Islamist group formed in 1928 to reestablish the caliphate through jihad.

The purpose and methods and, well, attitutdes of Hamas is revealed in Hamas's own charter. Here are some excerpts:

Article Eight:
Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.
Article Thirteen:
Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. ...

There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors. The Palestinian people know better than to consent to having their future, rights and fate toyed with. As in…

Jamaat ul-Fuqra

The ABC News affiliate in Atlanta is doing an excellent series on Jamaat ul-Fuqra camps in Georgia. These camps were founded by Sheikh Mubarek Gilani and appear to function as terrorist training camps in the United States. They appear to house primarily converts to Islam from United States prisons.

Watch here:
[dead link deleted]
Part 1 here.
Part 2 here.

Hillary the Obfuscator for President?

Russert: Do you support Governor Spitzer's proposal to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens?

Me to Hillary: Why not just say, "No?" Or if you do agree, how about "Yes?"