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Obama Creates Jobs ... in China

President Obama and his merry band of regulators and union allies is doing great things for the economies of third world countries. By chasing United States companies' operations out of the US by excessive, confusing, conflicting and oppressive regulation, President Obama is creating a "global economy" with new job creation in China, India and all over the world.

Everywhere but here, of course.

The latest, though comes not from Obama, but from his progressive tax-and-tax compatriots in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts (yes, the home state of its former governor, RINO Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney). The Boston Globe reports on a medical device manufacturer cutting jobs "worldwide" but creating 1000 jobs in China: Yesterday’s move, a day after Boston Scientific disclosed it was investing $150 million and hiring 1,000 people in China, raised fears that the company will gradually shift more work to foreign sites with less government oversi…

Quote of the Day: Mark Steyn

From Mark Steyn writing for National Review Online: As Obama made plain in his threat to Gran’ma last week that the August checks might not go out, funding non-productivity is now the principal purpose of the modern state. Welcome to Obama's America.

Col. Allen West: Obama Class-Warfare Marxist

On July 17, 2011, Col. Allen West (D-FL) said,The President’s concern is about getting reelected. The President’s concern is that he is an intransigent, liberal, progressive socialist who is also Marxist because of the class warfare rhetoric that he espouses. And I think that when you heard him on Friday and the more he comes out and talks, the more truly out of touch and incompetent he seems.

He has a vision for this country that is anathema to the vision of the founding fathers and our belief in individual responsibility and accountability and our free enterprise system.I have been criticized for calling President Obama a Marxist. Actually, I have said his understanding of economics is middle school Marxist.

Col. West is obviously correct. President's Obama's class warfare rhetoric is consistent with Marxist rhetoric.

I love it when a politician like Col. West is clear and says exactly what he means. It is rare and refreshing.

Concerned Women of America Speak Out, With Humor: Spenditol Ad


SEIU Exposed As Evil By Its Own Documents

In an internal training manual obtained in the course of litigation discovery, SEIU tells members to make false accusations of against the targeted company of "racism, sexism, exploitation of immigrants, or proposals that would take money out of the community for the benefits of distant stockholder." The training manual exposes all sorts of sordid, unethical and borderline illegal tactics that the union trains its operatives to engage in. Read more here.

Evil? You bet.

What it the legacy media doing to report the scandal? You guessed it. Nothing.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is "Vile, Despicable and Cowardly"

Our three-time Moron of the Day winner Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been publicly described as "vile, despicable and cowardly" by Col. Allen west, R-FL.

And I thought she was just stupid.

RNC Ad On Obama

I think President Obama is much worse than this ad implies.

President Obama is the Problem: Democrat Stephen Wynn

Stephen Wynn is a Democrat and a Las Vegas businessman, the Wynn Casino for one. Here is his explanation to investors about the problems with Barack Obama: Well, here's our problem. There are a host of opportunities for expansion in Las Vegas, a host of opportunities to create tens of thousands of jobs in Las Vegas. I know that I could do 10,000 more myself and according to the Chamber of Commerce and the Visitors Convention Bureau, if we hired 10,000 employees, it would create another 20,000 additional jobs for a grand total of 30,000. I believe in Las Vegas. I think its best days are ahead of it. But I'm afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the United States.

You watch television and see what's going on, on this debt ceiling issue. And what I consider to be a total lack of leadership from the President and nothing's going to get fixed until the President himself steps up and wrangles both parties in Congress. But everybody is so political, …

Scaremonger In Cheif

Here is what President Obama is really saying, when he threatens that social security check might not go on if the debt ceiling is not raised: I would rather pay my hordes of overpaid bureaucrats than to protect you senior who are struggling to get by on social security.

"Don't Call My Bluff"

President warned the Republicans negotiating the debt ceiling deal, "Don't call my bluff."

Really? When some admits they are bluffing, I say call it!

Fight the Light Bulb Ban: Don't Let This Happen to Us!

Moron of the Day: Energy Secretary Steven Chu

Unbelievable. In speaking about the upcoming ban of inexpensive incandescent bulbs (in favor of the environmentally dangerous CFLs), Energy Secretary Steven Chu defended the government action to remove the choice for Americans on light-bulb efficiency, saying “We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.”

So, according to Mr. Chu, it is the job of the Federal government to keep you from spending your own money on what you want to spend it if the Federal government (in its infinite wisdom) thinks it is wasteful.

A hearty congratulations for today's Moron of the Day to Steven Chu.

Free Market Environmentalism

I have advocated for the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency and its supporting legislation. Why? The EPA epitomizes Soviet-style central planning. Its approach to environmental problems ia a form of tyranny that kills jobs and destroys the environment globally by exporting pollution.

In a review of a global warming book, economist Walter Block explains,Let us make a few heroic assumptions. Anthropogenic global warming, due to greenhouse-gas emissions, is a fact. Sunspots, etc., are not responsible. There is an ideal world temperature, such that man's actions will either exceed it, or fall below it, and that this will be harmful on net balance, not beneficial.

On this basis, Baer et al. consider two approaches to addressing this danger: first, "assign obligations to the industrialized countries on the basis of both their ability to pay (wealth) and their responsibility for the majority of prior emissions, or, second, to assign emissions rights on a (possibly …

Stimulus Failed to Stimulate

Can there be any doubt at this juncture that the Porkulus bill passed in early the Obama Administration, 2009, has failed to actually stimulate?

Economists who deal in something other than Paul Krugman-like wishful thinking are not surprised.

I have said it before. Barack Obama has the economic sophistication of a middle school Marxist. He has demonstrated his economic incompetence (and that of his administration) over and over.

We have to dump Obama in 2012. It can't come soon enough.

Woman fined $100 for improper newspaper disposal

Has government run amok?

 Evidence abounds.

Consider that case of the 83 year old woman terrorized and fined ... by a sanitation worker.  For throwing her newspaper in the street trash can.

Read about it here.

Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action ... v. Regents of the University of Michigan

In a case that sets the 14th Amendment squarely on its head, in Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights And Fight For Equality By Any Means Necessary (Bamn) et al. v. Regents of the University of Michigan et al, ___ F. 3d ___ (7/1/2011), the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals holds that a state may not ban discrimination on the basis of race if the ban results in minorities not being able to be the beneficiaries of racial discrimination.

In 2006 the citizens of Michigan voted to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, including preferences, by a referendum proposition that read, (1) The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and any other public college or university, community college, or school district shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, pu…