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Why "Gun Free" School Zones Endanger Children

Lifted from Christian Action Network's news site:
Counselor’s personal firearm foils terror attack If guns kill people, then a high school counselor’s personal firearm foiled a terror attack at an Israeli kibbutz ThursdayIsrael Insider staff reported Friday, Jan. 25, on a two-man Islamic jihad death squad taken out by armed counselors at a kibbutz high school library in Gush Etzion, southeast of Jerusalem.

The men were dressed to appear like Israeli Defense Force security protectors, and succeeded in infiltrating the yeshiva high school with guns and knives - one gun was found to be a fake after the take-down.

Credit the gun? Or credit the heroic counselor? It all depends on your philosophy of gun rights - and wrongs. Either way, credit Israeli preparedness against terrorism targeting schools.
Wielding guns and knives, they lightly injured two Israeli counselors before being shot dead.

The terrorists infiltrated Makor Haim, a kibbutz [I…

Gun Control Kills

How can United States citizens be safer from gun crimes?Any legislator that actually researches the statistics must conclude that the right of citizens to carry arms for their defense discourages crime.The economist John Lott is the foremost economist that has compiled, studied and analyzed the statistic.His methods have never been successfully criticized.He is the author of More Guns, Less Crime and The Bias Against Guns.The bottom line conclusions are quite clear:gun control kills people.The right to carry guns protects them from injury and death.In the United Kingdom, 53% of burglaries occur while the homeowner is home.The statistic in the US:16%.Why?The UK bans all gun ownership, including in the home.In the US, criminals worry about getting killed in an occupied dwelling, so they do a better job of making sure their target is empty.
The pointy headed administrators at Virginia Tech have the blood of 36 professors and students on their hands by making Virginia Tech safe for nut cas…

Free Speech in Canada: Dead? Or Dying?

Is free speech dead in Canada? We have examples.

Most recently, the Alberta Human Rights Commission held a hearing on a complaint that a magazine published the famous Muhammed cartoons. The publisher, Ezra Levant in a video recorded hearing gave an impassioned defense of speech, but made the excellent point that merely by holding a hearing, the Canadian government is punishing the publication which, after all, had to take the time from its business to defend itself, to pay for lawyers, and the take the risk that the government would punish it further. Watch the several videos here. Listen to and watch the hearing officer. Chilling.

This is not the only outrage by the Alberta Human Rights Commission. In November 2007, the Human Rights Commission punished a an individual who had written a letter to the editor to the effect hat the homosexual agenda advanced by Alberta schools was bad for children. The grossly misnamed Alberta Human Rights Commission found that it, as the governmen…

More CAIR Dissimulation

When it comes to dissimulation, the folks at CAIR really have no equal.The recent op-ed piece in the always suspect San Francisco Chronicle by the San Francisco area CAIR director is a case in point.The piece responds to the excruciatingly accurate op-ed by Cinnamon Stillwell regarding the Michael Savage suit against CAIR. Unfortunately, the evil subtleties make arguments such as those in Ms. Ibrahim’s article a challenge to dissect, but here goes.Cinnamon Stillwell's recent column in SF Gate, "Savage vs. CAIR: The battle over free speech" on Dec. 19 offers a holiday assortment of misleading truths and omissions of facts. In her misguided defense of the "Savage Nation" radio show, Stillwell essentially defends anarchistic hate against minority groups including African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, immigrants and women. She does so under the pretense of defending free speech. Of course, most elementary school students will tell you that…