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Obama's Failure of Leadership

Two days after Mr. Obama's major racial speech, what are we to think of it? Is Mr.Obama an appropriate candidate for the leader of the free world?

Mr Obama said,
But the remarks that have caused this recent firestorm weren’t simply controversial. They weren’t simply a religious leader’s effort to speak out against perceived injustice. Instead, they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country – a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America....He is right, of course, but the statements were not mere snippets, cherry-picked to make Rev. Wright look bad. The "remarks" were entirely consistent with the church's overall philosophy and liberation theology. He sat in the pew for 20 years listening to this philosophy/theology. He did not speak up until the news media publicly revealed the hate-filled rhetoric.

If Mr. Obama were a leader, why did he merely follow Reverend Wright …

Half Price Books: Victim Rich Zones

I received a letter to the effect that making their stores "gun free zones" (or sitting duck zones or victim rich zones) has been company policy for 14 years. Here is the letter. My response follows:

March 11,2008Re: Half Price Books — No Guns Policy
Dear Mr.Carroll:Thank you for your letter dated May 4, 2008 [sic.] and the earlier letter to the manager of one of our Columbus stores.In February 22, 1996, our Board of Directors passed a resolution making all of our stores and facilities gun free. I am pleased to report that since the “gun free” policy was implemented, not a single person, customer or employee, has been the victim of gun violence in any of our stores or other facilities.We have also researched whether or not states which have concealed weapons laws have seen a reduction in crime. So far, I have not found any correlation between the reduction in crime in right to carry states and all of the other states.I regret that you believe you should boycott our stores be…

Obama's Jeremiah Wright Problem

I was shocked to see Barack Obama say that he had no idea about his 20 year pastor's bigoted and foolish remarks from the pulpit. Mr. Obama is a Harvard Law graduate, isn't he? And he attended Trinity for 20 years listening to Pastor Wright.

Until the couple of days Pastor Wright was a campaign endorser and was featured prominently on the Obama campaign web site. The truth is that Mr. Obama knew about Pastor Wright's controversial preaching. Because of the controversial church positions, the Obama campaign disinvited Pastor Wright from giving the invocation at Mr. Obama's announcement of his intention to run as reported in the New York Times on March 5, 2007.

I have long been concerned about the message of Mr. Obama's home church, the Trinity United Church of Christ.
We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the Black religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and per…

Hamas Uses Good People Like Mahmoud

I have met Mahmoud El-Yousseph and personally like him. And, as we have seen, he is not always on the wrong side. But he sent me the following which deserves discussion and refutation:

Way to go to Israel! by Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Finally the Israeli army killed the person who is responsible for missile and rocket attacks from Gaza. The suspect was killed by a single bullet to the head by an Israeli army death-squad, and was among 120 killed and 200 injured (many women and children included) in a series of Israeli air raids and ground invasions that lasted for 5 days. .

Surprisingly, this earth-moving news was not aired on Fox News, CNN, or reported by other major main stream media. Here is an update about this latest high value target that was executed. The victim was a two week old baby. Israel seems to actually think that this baby is capable of firing missiles and rockets.

Name: Amira [princes in Arabic] Abu 'Assr
Address: Deir El-Balah, Gaza, Palestine
Date of Death: March,5, 2…
The Rocky Mountain News reports soaring applications for concealed carry permits. I don't suppose that the recent mass murders in a Colorado Springs church stopped by a CCP holder have anything to do with the increased applications.
Maketa said he's not concerned about the county's growing number of legally armed people. In fact, he said he believes law-abiding citizens make the region safer by getting the permits."Actually, I wish it was a higher number, because I know from experience that offenders in the jail system tell me they avoid crimes against people because they know there is a very high concealed-carry rate," Maketa said.Thanks to John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime and Freedomnomics for this lead.

Islamism is Fascism, But Moderate Muslims Predominate

From the Middle East Quarterly, an interview with Mohamed Sifaoui, a highly educated Algerian Muslim who infiltrated an Al Qaeda cell:MEQ: Would you use the term Islamo-fascism to describe this threat?Sifaoui: I certainly am one of the first Muslims to consider Islamism to be fascism. This is not a subjective decision but rather a serious, academic argument. Fascism and Islamism are comparable in many aspects: Fascism, without evoking all its particularities, bears similarities to trends also present in Islamism. I am, of course, making a reference to their will to exterminate the Jews. On this point, the Islamists may go even further in their doctrine than the Nazis did, considering that the end of the world could only occur when there are no Jews left on earth. In the three monotheist religions, apocalypse, end of the world, and doomsday exist and are liturgical events invested with a high degree of spirituality. Hence, the Islamists interpret the end of the world in a very special …

Gun Free Zones Chase Away Customers

From on February 12, 2008:

One more merchant worry: Mall violenceFor the first time, industry groups will meet with mall operators and retailers to discuss recent shooting sprees. By Parija B. Kavilanz, senior writer February 12 2008: 3:02 PM EST

NEW YORK ( -- Typically shoplifters, fraudsters and scammers pose the biggest threat to merchants' bottom line. But a much more dangerous type of crime - mall shootings - has the retail industry on edge.Earlier this month, five people were fatally wounded in a strip mall shooting in Illinois.In December, a shooting at an Omaha mall - which was at least the fourth at a mall or a shopping center last year - resulted in the deaths of eight shoppers ."There's been an increase of these incidents in the past months, and it's raised concern in the industry," said Joe LaRocca, vice president with the National Retail Federation (NRF), the industry's largest trade group.The answer seems obvio…

Celebrating Barbarism

Islam, at least the way Palestinian Arabs practice it, is a religion of Jew-hatred. After the horrible mass murder of Jewish seminary students, did the Palestinian Arabs mourn? No, they celebrated.

To his credit, Palestinian President Abbas condemned all attacks on civilians. But the Palestinian people celebrated.

Gaza Conflict Explained

What is the difference between the Israeli attacks on Gaza which killed innocent civilians and the HAMAS massacre of seminary students?


Israel's intended targets were the terrorists themselves. After all, terrorists had been sending shrapnel-filled rockets onto civilian populations. If your neighborhood were the target of rockets, what would you expect your government to do?

HAMAS's intended targets were innocent seminary students.

The bad folks at the ironically named "Cross Cultural Understanding" web site calls HAMAS's mass murder of innocent students a "counter-attack." Evil.

Gaza Conflict

In the course of researching the horrible mass murders approved by HAMAS within a Jewish seminary, I ran across references to the killing of 120 including many civilians by the Israelis in a raid in North Gaza that I had not previously heard about. I will continue looking for credible reports on what that is about, but so far it sounds pretty terrible and has been underreported by the Western press. Updates to come when I have reliable information on this.

Update from from the AP reported March 2:
Early today, Israeli aircraft destroyed the office building in Gaza City used by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, witnesses said. Five people were lightly wounded in the raid.

At least two dozen Palestinian civilians, including a baby, were among those killed Saturday, and militants said 25 fighters died. Health officials said about 200 people were wounded, 14 of them critically.

The overall death toll was the highest in a single day since the current round of violence erupted in Septemb…

Mass Murders in Jewish Seminary Praised by Hamas

The Columbus Dispatch carries the story of a mass murder (7 dead, 10 wounded) in a Jewish seminary. HAMAS responds:
“We bless the (Jerusalem) operation. It will not be the last,” Hamas said in a text message sent to reporters.There is no excuse for this sort of behavior, either the behavior of the mass murders or their blood-thirsty organization.

Not surprisingly, the web site of the unindicted co-conspirator, HAMAS-front, Council on American Islamic Relations lacks any denunciation as of 4:21 pm EST.

Update: 8 dead, 35 injured.

Update Friday March 7: Still no expression of sympathy for the victims by CAIR. What a surprise.

Other Points of View

On this blog, I have linked to "Other Points of View." let me make one thing abundantly clear. I link to them so the reader can see what others, some of whom are incredibly bigoted, are thinking. I do NOT endorse any other viewpoint than my own -- and that goes for all links from this blog.

I intend to expand the list of other points of view, not because I agree with any other them, but because they are there.

Primary Election Thoughts

I have so far not weighed much on the constant election activity going on in American and Ohio, except perhaps to lament on how early the presidential campaigns started. I now share some miscellaneous thoughts resulting from the Ohio, ,Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island primaries that resulted in an uncontested Republican nominee at its convention (John McCain) and a lively and continuing contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.
I understand that Rush Limbaugh suggested that Republican voters cross-over in Ohio and Texas to vote for Hillary Clinton to keep the democratic side fighting internally and using up their campaign funds against each other. I find that tactic distasteful.The Barack Obama campaign has demonstrated 3 important things about racism in America:His support among white voters and the media shows that there is much less racism in white America than previously believed.On the premise that is a white votes for a white because they ar…

Sitting Duck Zones

I understand that Half Price Books, as a matter of corporate policy, post "No guns" signs. Today, I sent the following letter to corporate counsel for Half Price Books:

March 4, 2008Corporate Counsel,Half Price Books, Records, Magazines Incorporated
5803 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX75231Dear Sir or Madam:I am writing to ask you to correct a dangerous condition which I am given to understand exists in all your Ohio stores.I am sure we agree that safety of the public and of your employees is a top priority.Your stores have no guns allowed signs.In 2004 when the Ohio General Assembly enacted concealed carry legislation, those signs seemed like a good idea.Guns are dangerous ordinances and need to be handled properly, carefully and safely.Unfortunately, experience has proven that gun free zones are a bad idea. On December 6, 2007, a homicidal maniac entered the Westwood Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, and murdered eight people until an off duty police officer who just happened to …