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Upper Arlington City Schools Mislead on Common Core

As a citizen of the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio, and a graduate of the Upper Arlington City Schools many years ago, I was curious whether my local school district had adopted the controversial Common Core standards. "Common Core" is the official name for the standards, not a deliberately derogatory name.  There is an apparently official website promoting the so-called standards by that name:  (I call them so-called standards, because apparently they fail the ANSI standard to be called a standard.)

The Upper Arlington City School District has a fine reputation in the past for educating students.  If these standards are such a great idea for our schools, why does my school district run from the name "Common Core" and pretend that they are merely following a new set of "state standards"?  Check out the Upper Arlington City Schools web site.  You will search in vain for the correct name for these standards, "Common Core."

I can …