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Zombie Mohammed Case

There has been quite a kerfuffle over the Internet concerning the "Mohammed Zombie" judge. Some claim that this judge was enforcing Sharia law. Some have claimed that the judge admitted to being Muslim. some have claimed that this judge harangued the victim. None of these is true based upon a recording of the trial made by the victim.

 The basic facts are these. On Halloween night, the victim was in a parade dressed as a zombie mom and on the theory that in the Koran it says that Mohammed was raised from the dead and walked among the living, and therefore he must've been a zombie.  [I don't think the Koran says that, but no matter.]  The defendant Taraaq confronted the victim at the parade. According to the victim, Taraaq grabbed him and turned him around and tried to choke him. Both parties called the police. The responding officer says that Taraaq did not recall precisely what happened, but admitted touching the victim. Taraaq was charged with harassment, the ope…

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