I just don't get the anti-profiling crowd when it comes to terrorism. See Canada Daily Globe and Mail article. When there is an identifialbe group of people, a significant percentage of which have (1) threatened to kill you and (2) have carried out such threats on others, why wouldn't you target that idenfiable group for closer scrutiny?

Al Qaeda wants to kill me in the name of Islam (I will not convert or agree to be subjugated). I think it is only reasonable to look closely at Muslims as potential killers.

The best way to battle profiling would be for Muslims to take a more active, upfront role against Islamic terror and against Islamic, anti-American hate speech. Muslims must vocally and publicly denounce their Imams who promote anti-Americanism here and abroad.

Update (6/14/06): Daniel Pipes agrees with me and argues persuasively that profiling works.


Anonymous said…
Alan Keyes, the only black presidental canidate was asked about police profiling, and reply he was embarassed by members of his race which made profiling practical. Lack of discrimination can show lack of use of gray matter.

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