Lone Hate Crime, Isn't it Terrorism?

When does a hate crime become a terrorist act? Do acts of terrorism require a conspiracy?

What about the Seattle shootings in the Jewish Center by Naveed Haq, an American Muslim upset about the Middle East? See Seattlepi and CNN coverage.

The FBI stated that it appeared to be a lone act, simply a hate crime. Conservative pundits read the FBI's statement to be a denial that it was an act or terrorism.

I seems to me that a lone act may be an act of terrorism if it is in furtherance of a concerted effort. It seems to me that this lone act, even if not specifically coordinated with al Qaeda is still about terrorism. Maybe it is all how one defines terrorism. There is still one innocent person dead and other innocents wounded in the name of Islam, however you define it.

See the July 30, 2006 editorial cartoon at Cox and Forkum.


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