Erik Scott: Pre-Inquest Meeting Requested

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that the lawyer for the Erik Scott family is requesting a meeting in advance of the inquest to review the evidence so the family can submit meaningful questions at the inquest. The request is being made of Judge Tony Abbatangelo. The lawyer's letter represents that the coroner has no objection to the meeting.

I have no experience with inquests, so it is hard for me to assess whether this request is unusual. I have never heard of one being held locally here in Columbus, Ohio, so I cannot comment on the procedure. From the newspaper article, I gather that the family will not have any opportunity to present evidence, but they may submit questions that the coroner may (must?) ask. It is my understanding that inquests are not adversary proceedings, but rather are formal inquiries by the coroner with subpoena power to require he appearance of witnesses.


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