Good-Bye Newt Gingerich; Newt Responds

Here is a really good reason to forget Newt Gingerich as a candidate, from Meet the Press yesterday:
“Well, I agree that all of us have a responsibility to pay--help pay for health care,” said Gingrich. “And I think that there are ways to do it that make most libertarians relatively happy. I've said consistently we ought to have some requirement that you either have health insurance or you post a bond or in some way you indicate you're going to be held accountable.”
He thinks that is going to make libertarians happy? In what universe? Not this one.

Newt is endorsing the individual mandate. That shows he is really just another big government type. Bad medicine.

Newt Gingerich for president? A definite and resounding NO from the Voice of Reason.

Update: Newt Responds:

Really? How can anyone explain the inconsistencies with yesterday's statement and for his 1993 support for an individual mandate (reported at CNS News)? When politicians say different things at different times to different people, color me suspicious.


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