Criticizing Islam

Diana West in the Washington Times lauds those who, in 2006, stood up to criticize Islam.

Personally I will not criticize Islam in today's entry. There is no need. The group behavior of Muslims in the name of Islam provides all the commentary necessary, for just a few examples:
  • Cartoon riots;
  • The murder of a Catholic nun in response to teh Pope's historical comments on the speread of Islam;
  • The reaction to Abdul Rahman converting to Christianity;
  • The 6 lying, flying imams (asking for seat extenders and not using them, not sitting in assigned seats, loudly praising Osama bin Laden);
  • Over 7000 terror attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11/2001. (For lists by year, Religion of Peace.)
  • And so many more in 2006 and before.
Actions speak louder than words.


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