The Cure for Islamophobia

In the St. Petersburg Times, Dr. Adel Elkin suggests taht Islamaphobia can be treated and cured with education. Actually, the cure lies wholly within the Muslim world. Muslims have the power to cure Islamaphobia:
  • Stop vigilante beheadings of innocents (such as Daniel Pearl).
  • Stop vigilante beheadings of converts from Islam to other religions
  • Stop government sanctioned death penalties for converts from Islam to other religions
  • Stop rioting over minor slights, like cartoons
  • Stop issuing death fatwas over minor slights, like Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses
  • Stop commiting violent acts (rioting and shootings) when someone prominent suggests that Islam is a violent religion
  • Stop suicide - mass murders (bombings, flying planes into buildings etc.)
  • Stop teaching children to hate Christians and Jews (primarily done in the Middle East)
  • Stop engaging in disruptive behavior in airports (asking for seat extenders and not using them, not sitting in assigned seats, loudly praising Osama bin Laden)
  • Stop issuing death threats to the West in general
  • Stop chanting "Death to America"
  • Stop Middle Eastern imams relocated to the West from preaching hate in mosques
  • Stop speaking hate in Arabic while speaking love in English
  • Stop trying to persude non-Muslims that Islam is really a religion of peace and tolerance before stopping all the above -- it just sounds like taqiyya to us.
It is not a "phobia" if the fear is reality-based. In our mulitcultural society, we will love American Muslims for their efforts to do the above (contrasted with the work of CAIR) if the efforts are public and visible. If we do not see these efforts, Islam will continue to EARN the disrepsct and dislike of Western non-Muslims.


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