CAIR Commits Hate Crime

Using what is apparently the Muslim definition of hate crime (i.e., anything critical of Muslims), the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently committed a hate crime by writing a letter to Walmart, urging Walmart to withdraw from its shelves the "Left Behind" video game, apparently because it has a Christian theme. CAIR complains that the game encourages the players as Christians to kill or convert persons from other faiths.

From all reports, though, the game is nothing of the sort. It does not mention Islam or Muslims and it penalizes violence. (Disclaimer: I have not played it.) The players seek to defeat the AntiChrist. Apparently with CAIR, truth is not an option.

On another front, CAIR is almost doing something good. Its website incldue a peititon against violence to be signed by Muslims. Why is it "almost" doing something good? Because the petitiion does not mention the word "jihad," and the petition announcement includes the following fatuous statement:
“We hope this effort will demonstrate once and for all that Muslims in America and throughout the Islamic world reject violence committed in the name of Islam,” said CAIR Board Chairman Omar Ahmad.
Apparently Mr. Ahmad does not follow the news about how Muslims throughout the world have failed to reject violence. What is demonostrated by Muslim actions speak louder than words.

If CAIR were not dissimulating, it would have urged Muslims throughout the world to reject the violence in which they have been engaging.

As written, CAIR urinates on our legs and tells us it is raining (as the saying goes).


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