November 2006 Republican Defeat

In mind, the Republicans have never come to grips with the real causes of the November 2006 election defeat. I hear no acknowledgment that the Republicans became a horrible freespending, earmarking party for which the country has little stomach. The Iraq war didn't help, I suppose. But I do not think that it was the be all and end all of the election.

Personally, I have no interest in voting for the Republicans to regain their majority status. Why should I? What did the Republicans do for the country? About the only thing good, you can say is the Republicans kept the Democrats out of office. But maybe that wasn't so good.

At least with the Republicans as a minority party, they will oppose Democratic spending. As the majority party, the Republicans spent too much and the Democrats were simply egging the Republicans to spend more and more.

The Republicans will not earn my respect until I hear recognition of and hear apologies for their budgetary evils while in office.

But it is not in the nature of political parties to apologize for their evil ways. I guess this goes for any politician. Admitting a mistake seems to be an anathema for them. But hey, people make mistakes. The American people are very forgiving mistakes. Paragraph of the Republicans do not admit that they made mistakes, while they were in the majority, how can we ever trust them to be in the majority in the future? How could we ever assume that they would be any better than they were of the past.

To me it is not enough to say that the Republicans are better than the Democrats. I certainly like the philosophy is that the Republicans espouse as opposed to the philosophies that the Democrats a spouse. But espousing philosophies is not the same thing as translating to action. The Democrats have a dreadful worldview. They need the Republicans to oppose them.

But so far, I have no reason to believe that the Republicans will actually further the worldview that they espouse.

The scary thing is that the Democrats don't seem to understand that there are persons of a certain unnamed religion, call them fundamentalists, call them extremists, who are trying to kill us. That creates a real conundrum in deciding who to vote for at the next opportunity.


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