Barbara Boxer, [insert epithet here.]

This is really hard to watch. It is really hard to watch this woman and not blurt out, shout out, yea, SCREAM, epithets that insult her over her arrogance, sex, politics, demeanor, intelligence and on and on.

What a _____! [you fill in the blank.]


Funeral Guy said…
I'll lay down good money that Barbara Boxer is the dumbest waste of space in the U.S. Senate. Man or woman. Any takers?
Conservatarian said…
I dunno. Check out Al Franken. The dumbness bar is pretty high in Washington.
Conservatarian said…
Of course in this one, the funny thing is that the liberals don't even recognize their own condescension in matters of race. They can't seem to understand that things like affirmative action quotas these days are insulting because of the premise that minorities lack the right stuff to make it on their own.

The Barbara Boxers of the world think that African Americans must necessarily follow lock-step the NAACP and can't rationally think for themselves on issues such as global warming. There she is in a Senate hearing lecturing a witness as to what he should believe because of his race, when she should have been questioning the witness to get his information for whatever the purpose of the hearing was.

I blame the people of California for sending her to Washington.
Much to my surprise, I have to agree with the comments about Senator Boxer's lack of awareness, respect and dignity in her treatment toward the issue and Mr. Alford. Unfortunately, it would be easy to miss those points because Mr. Alford responses were reactionary and disagreeable, not that he wasn't justified in his reactions. His arguments would have had more impact had he reigned in his temper and gave a more reasoned response.
Conservatarian said…
He could have handled it better. But you can imagine how frustrated the guy must be, being the constant victim of the consistently condescending liberals by their discrimination by low expectations. Golly, she thinks any African American should be honored to have her enter his or her statement in the record. She forgets that she works for the people, not the other way around.

This woman is such a doofus. This is the woman that complained when a military officer addresser her with the respectful Ma'am (as they are required to address female superior officer) rather than "Senator."

She shames the once great state of California. Constantly.

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