Obama Reacts Swiftly -- and Wrongly

In August 2008, the Russians invaded Georgia. John McCain's campaign immediately issued a statement denouncing the invasion. Candidate Obama's campaign took a wait and see attitude, saying it did not yet have all the facts.

Fast forward almost one year. An African-American buddy of Obama's gets verbally abusive with police officers who were trying to protect his home from a reported potential burglary, President Obama immediately announces that the Cambridge police acted stupidly even while admitting he did not have all the facts.

Hmm. What are we to take from this? It seems that Obama is not the post-racial president after all. If a Black is involved, he immediately assumes that the Black was right and the white was wrong -- not knowing that a Black and a Hispanic officer were also involved.

Is this a sign of more of the same to come?

The actual incident report supports the Cambridge police action. The white officer involved has a history of action, including the (unsuccessful) mouth-to-mouth rescusitation of a Black victim. But, I emphasize the not all the facts are in, yet. It was wrong to call the police actions stupid without having all the facts.


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