Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dumbest Harvard Law Graduate Ever: Obama is the One

When you buy auto insurance, you get the coverages to actually purchase. If you are young and have only a rattle-trap car, you might purchase liability only figuring that the value of the car is just not worth the extra premiums for collision coverage. The government does not make the insurance company provide collision coverage for every policy, because among other things, the would raise the price making it unaffordable for many. But for the protection of the other drivers, the government does require that every driver carry liability insurance.

You would think a guy smart enough to be a Harvard law grad would understand that simple concept. If you don't buy the coverage, you don't get the coverage and that is perfectly fair.

Not Barack Obama, though. Watch this from the so-called health care summit:

Note: the other guy rear-ended him. the other guy's insurance company should have paid, right? Hmmm. Maybe the other guy was an illegal alien without insurance. See how well government mandates work?

You don't buy collision coverage, you take the risk. That is individual responsibility.

No wonder Mr. Obama wants a nanny-state. He could not handle the individual responsibility himself as a young man.

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