Global Warming Myth Crumbling Updated

Two new stories from the British media show the rapid decline of the factual basis behind the global warming hysteria.

First, the IPCC has been forced to admit to yet another embarrassing error in its famous report. This time, the error is about the supposed rising sea levels in the Netherlands. The Guardian reports.

And over on the BBC, there was interview with British global warming advocate and climatologist Phil Jones, in which he admits, among other things that that has been no statistically significant warming from 1995 to present. In fact, Prof. Jones admits that there has been global cooling since 2002, but denies that it is statistically significant. Ignore the man behind that curtain.

The interview is here and the BBC analysis and report is here. The guy is still a True Believer, but a fair reading of his interview suggests that he is quick to rationalize his way out of contradictions. Look at his "hide the decline" answer in particular. He admits that he was trying to hide data that he considered contrary to data he preferred to use and which, of course, supported the global warming myth.

You see, it really is like a religion. Isn't it funny how the American media fails to report on or critically analyze this stuff.

Update: The London Times weighs in with more global warming skepticism with article headlined: "World may not be warming, say scientists."

The wheels are rapidly coming off the global warming hysteria. Where is the U.S. media? Hmmmmm?


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