Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Global Warming and Snowstorms Updated

Inevitably, the nasty weather hitting Washington has the global warming skeptics (like me) crowing and the global warming hysterics (like MSNBC and most of Washington) getting defensive.

Here is moonbat Contessa Brewer, frequent unindicted runner up for Moron of the Day:

And here is Time, breathlessly assuming that the world is warming:

[W]hat happened to climate change? After all, it stands to reason that if the world is getting warmer - and the past decade was the hottest on record - major snowstorms should become a thing of the past, like Palm Pilots and majority rule in the Senate....
Apparently, none of these folks actually follow the news. The earth has been steadily cooling these last ten years according to the BBC.

Update: Check out John Lott's opinion piece on Fox News.

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