Thursday, September 21, 2006

Democrats Defending Bush

Congratulations to Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel for defending President Bush over the nasty remarks of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The angry defenses by Democratic representatives Pelosi and Rangel were right on target. Both of them have serious disagreements with President Bush. But they rightly take umbrage at a foreign president coming to United States soil for the purpose of insulting our president.

Good for them. It is good sense. It is good politics. Their outrage is right, just, and appropriate.

As for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, remember that Citgo Petroleum Company is owned by Venezuela. Personally I boycott Citgo.

Update: Huga Chavez's remarks should serve as a warning to Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel and their comrades that their frequent unhinged remarks about the president uncourages foreign potentates to equally unhinged criticism of the U.S.

I have no problem with reasoned disagreement internally. A loyal opposition is healthy. Unhinged hate-speech by home-grown leftists about the president and his policies reaps ill rewards internationally.

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