National Intelligence Hoop-de-Doo

I really don't get the hoop-de-doo about the leaked and then released National Intelligence report on the relationship between terrorism and the war in Iraq.

The Democrats have gotten all frizzy about the report's conclusion that the United States invasion of Iraq made Muslims mad. OK, we did it and they are mad.

The Republicans are upset, understandably, that Pravda West aka the New York Times and its ilk, won't tell people that that report says that success in Iraq will discourage future jihadists. Of course it will. People of every culture prefer to be associated with a winner, not a loser. Jihadists don't want to waste their deaths, but want to know their suicide deaths bring Islam closer to military victory.

No surprises really. So why all the hype? The Democrats look backward to lay the blame game. The Republicans look forward to what do we need to do now. Wouldn't any rational person have to agree with the Republicans on this one?


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