Rosie O'Donnell Strikes ... Out

I feel the irrational need to defend Christianity. (It is only feeling the need that is irrational.) Yesterday, the news reported that Rosie O’Donnell made a statement that radical Christianity is just as dangerous as radical Islam. I am astounded.

As I think about it though. I have no idea what she means by radical Christianity. I have never heard of it. I'm not sure anyone else has either.

The most radical thing I've ever heard out of Christianity would be the statement by Pat Robertson saying that hurricane Katrina was a result of America's immorality. Was that radical Christianity? Unlike radical Islamists, I don't think Pat Robertson succeeded in killing anyone over that statement.

Hey Rosie, how many Christians have flown airliners into skyscrapers recently? How many have been involved in carrying out bomb plots against inncent civilians? How many have driven SUV's into crowds of innocent people to see how many they could kill and injure?

Maybe Rosie O'Donnell she was just throwing up a nonexistent strawman to be politically correct. But she is an admitted lesbian. Doesn't she realize the serious consequences of being homosexual in an Islamic society? Sharia law mandates death for homosexuals.

I guess it just proves that Rosie O'Donnell is simply a tinfoil-hat nut. I should not have been surprised.


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