Thursday, September 21, 2006

Desperate for Moderate Spokespeople

From a Columbus Dispatch editorial today about the Pope's remarks:
The West cannot comprehend why these believers fail to see the illogic of their violent acts. If they don’t want people to think they’re violent, why resort to violence?

Regardless, if such dangerous conflagrations are to be avoided — if, for example, Christian holy sites across Italy are ever to be able to relax the extraordinary security measures they’ve taken since the incident — the West must better understand the siege mentality that inspires such Muslim outrage.

That doesn’t mean the West must capitulate to irrationality and surrender the right to speak freely. It does mean that Western leaders should look harder among the many strains and styles of Islam for the moderate thinkers who might be able to bridge the gap.
The West is desperate to find moderate Muslim spokespersons. They are so very hard to find. Is it because they fear for their own and their family's safety if they were to speak out in moderation?

This blog has lauded the few moderate Muslim spokesperson that have expressed themselves in public. America, Europe and the world need more of them.

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