Columbus Dispatch Sympathizes with Illegals

If there were any doubt about why I cancelled my subscription to the Columbus Dispatch, let me clear it up. It is articles like these. Reading that article, it is clear that the news report is actually an opinion pience in disguise. It is oh, so sympathethic to the plight of the "undocumented workers" (illegal aliens to the rest of us). Gosh, they may have to prove they have social security number to register their vehicles. That is supposed to make me feel sorry for them?

Just because the government shares the blame for the presence of the illegals, that doe not make it right to support them in their illegal residency. Many of them may be very good folks that would make decent citizens, but the fact that they are already engaged in illegal activity by their very presence casts doubt about the whole good citizenship thing.

Having said all that, I will observe that the immigration system in the country is a farce. And I am talking about legal immigration. I have observed the stupidity of it close up.

My assistant married a very fine guy, a highly skilled computer software guy, from the U.K., an Anglican with no hint of security threats in his background. He now is finally here legally after many months of ICE-imposed hell. At one point, the immigration authorities threatened to bar his entry rights because of high blood pressure! Memo to ICE: High blood pressure is not a communicable disease and your terrible application process probably contributed to it. Besides, President Obama just cleared the decks for entry by the HIV-positive. High blood pressure as a bar to entry? Please.

I can understand why people enter illegally, with all the red tape and barriers to entry for even the highly skilled. It still is not right.

Our immigration system needs serious reform. I am not necessarily an amnesty guy, but why not fix the legal immigration system and then subject any illegals already here to the fixed system if they want to remain (with some appropriate penalty for their illegal presence, including payment of all back income taxes)?

I have great sympathy for those who came here seeking a better life and who are WORKING toward that end. Pay the piper for the illegal entry, but reform the system to give hardworking folks a route to stay.


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