GOP: Leader? Or Follower?

It appears the beginning of the demise of the old GOP. Will be be able to celebrate to say, Long live the GOP?

Liberals and their fellow traveler Democrats have long accused the GOP of being the conservative party. Sadly, it was not true. In truth, there was very little difference for many years. True, the GOP have more conservatives than the Democrats, but the GOP was hardly exclusively a conservative party. The party hacks certainly did not want any such thing. All they really wanted was to be one small point more conservative than the Democrats. Leaving real conservatives little choice about who to support.

Times, they are a changin'. The conservative revolt in NY district 23 has left the GOP with it collective tongue hanging out. Newt Gingrich has been embarrassed ... and exposed as a RINO sympathizer.

We have the tea party movement. We have the mew media that shows conservatives they are not alone, despite the derision from the former MSM. We have Fox News that gives us talented conservative-leaning commentators, along with news that provides both conservative and liberal pundits presenting their clearly labeled and differing points of view.

What will the GOP do now? What should the GOP have learned?

There is power in the conservative movement. The GOP needs to move away from the generally ineffectively policy of trying to attract liberals. The GOP should ally with the conservatives, first by winning back the trust of conservatives. If the GOP can do that, the GOP will be on the winning track in 2010 mid term elections. If the GOP keeps its nose clean (and get rid of the RINOS and crooks -- easier said than done) 2012 could add up to big victories, too.


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