Moron of the Day: Ohio Sen. Tom Patton, R-Strongsville

A state senator from Ohio wins today's Moron of the Day award. Today's moron, Tom Patterson, Ohio State Senator from Strongsville, Ohio, has introduced legislation in Ohio to make life tougher for small businesses to survive.

There has long been a tension over whether business can or should hire an individual as an employee or an independent contractor. Many businesses prefer to hire independent contractors, who received forms 1099 at the end of the year and who must report and pay their own taxes rather than having taxes withheld. The government thinks that he is some sort of abuse, if a person, in the government's infinite wisdom, really should be an employee. It seems that income taxes are easier to collect from businesses than from individuals.

I guess individuals are shocked when they find out how much money they actually have to pay in taxes on their income.

In any event, Moron-of-the-Day Patton has introduced Senate Bill 195 in the Ohio legislature to punish employers who deliberately or mistakenly hire independent contractors when they "really should be" employees.

In support of his bill, Senator Patton,, said, "For employees, jobs are very, very scarce." Well, yes, and Senator Patton's solution is to punish businesses. Gosh, that really is going to increase employment, isn't it?

According to Senator Patton, "the only people who will lose here are those who are trying to get around this, and we should not allow employers in Ohio to not play by the rules." As jobs retreat from Ohio, somehow that will make jobs less scarce. No one loses from that, do they?

As high school graduate Senator Patton will learn if his bill passes, it is chock full of unintended consequences. Why would anyone actually want to locate a business in Ohio if they had another choice?


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