Monday, March 08, 2010

ACORN in the News Again, But Not in a Good Way

More indictments against the Acornistas, this time felony indictments related to double voting and double registrations.

The kicker is that ACORN's management essentially assured cheating by offering incentives for dishonesty. If ACORN workers did not meet voter registration quotas, they got their pay docked.

So what did ACORN expect from its culture of corruption? Its employees cheated of course, with false registrations and multiple registrations of the same persons.

Read it all here.

This emphasizes a point I have often made. Liberals (I'm sorry, are we calling them progressives, now?) do not understand the consequences of incentives. If Medicare (or Obamacare) has piles of money for the taking, folks will work overtime to figure out easy (i.e., cheating) ways to get their hands on it. The incentive is to cheat for the easy money. Felonies are only for those who get caught.

Another simple example. Enact a minimum wage to give workers a living wage. People who aren't worth that much money get fired. Not only no living wage, but no wage at all. Smart.

Big government folks seem incapable of thinking through the steps to determine what incentives they actually create. I guess that problem flows through their management skill as well.

No surprise.

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