Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Gov't Healthcare -- Walgreens Says No

Walgreens announced that it will no longer take new Medicaid patients for prescriptions, because it loses money on them. Reimbursement rates are too low, below the break-even point. Story here.

Kudos to Walgreens. The bureaucrats who set reimbursement rates (and who will also set those rates for ALL of us if President Obama, Nancy "Horrible Woman" Pelosi, and the other Democrats have their way.

Punish. Them. All.

At the polls. Boo them from restaurants. Write your Resentative a letter urging him or her to vote no (in polite terms only). But above all, be prepared to humiliate them at the polls, Not just defeat, but landslide defeat.


The Funeral Guy said...

In the last paragraph you use the word "Resentative". I hope that isn't a typo. I think you just coined the perfect term for those total wastes of space in Congress.

Conservatarian said...

Sigh. It was a typo.

We need some new more descriptive titles, though.

How about Congressjerks, Congress-scum, Congressthugs, and Congressmorons.

All titles that are gender neutral, I might add.

Carrie said...

And don't forget Congress-creatures! lol

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