Eternal Vigilance Needed

One of the greatest things about America is our right to free speech under the First amendment.  No other country in the world has those rights so legally embedded in the founding document and has a culture that actually believes in that right.  Nevertheless, we have purported leaders (I mean, actually, boneheads) who constantly attack that right to undermine it.

Other countries claim to have free speech, but really do not.  Speech is not free, if there is no right to insult without government punishment.  "Hate speech" bans are antithetical to free speech.  There is no right not toe be offended.

Here is the latest batch of free speech attacks:

1.  Al Sharpton, the never punished, never apologetic, fraudmeister of the Tawana Bradley scandal is pushing for the FCC to take the likes of Rush Limbaugh off the air.  Video below.

2.  Commissioner Copps of the FCC, following Evil Al's lead is seeking to expand regulation of the public radio bands to, among other things, assure that this theoretical public resource, radio bandwidth, is being used "in the public interest" to promote adequate diversity.

The Tea Party wave of 2010 has made them nervous.  It is not enough that "progressive" thought already dominates the broadcast news media.  They want to use the power of force to stop contrary ideas from being expressed on talk radio ... or anywhere else.  Rest assured, that if they can push acceptance of their quashing of free speech on the airwaves, cable and satellite media will soon follow.

Make no mistake.  These people are not merely misguided.  They are truly evil and un-American.  They should be driven form public office and public view, as the case may be.


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