Pigford Scandal

What are the national media ignoring the Pigford scandal, that has cost over a billion of your federal dollars?

Here are links to all you need to know about it, including murders linked to the massive federal fraud:

$1.5 Billion, although liability denied.

Justice or Fraud?

Murders to cover up fraud.

Pigford as political payoff here and here.

A USDA employee witness to fraud.

The FBI refuses to document fraudulent claims.

What it takes to make a claim here and here.

According to claims, black officials discriminated against fellow blacks on the basis of race.

Discrimination claimant alleges discrimination by non-existent office ... and gets paid.

Ex-Secretary of USDA trolls for clients to sue USDA for discrimination while he was secretary.

When government gets big and there are pots of money, fraud is the natural result.


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