Political Theater Aimed At Chris Christie

Every reasonable person should be disgusted by the behavior of the Obama administration in its cheap attacks on Chris Christies, one governor who publicly fights the waste of taxpayer money. An Ed Lasky article in the American Thinker exposes the latest:
The latest attack? The U.S. Department of Transportation (headed by Obama's political ally from Illinois, Ray Lahood) now wants to make New Jersey repay $271 million in federal funds already spent on a proposed Hudson River tunnel that Christie scrapped because of spiraling and never-ending cost overruns. The feds want the money now and will start charging "vig" soon.
In other words, if New Jersey is not willing to waste more taxpayer money on cost overruns, the Federal government wants the previous wasted money back. Waste more, or else!

And there is more:
This federal overreach is not the first orchestrated by the Obama team against Christie. A few weeks ago, the Department of Justice (so lax and incompetent in the New Black Panther Party voter rights case and terrorism trials) focused its ire on Christie when it created a pseudo-scandal regarding Christie's spending of taxpayer money when he served as a federal prosecutor.
The article linked above goes on to explain how the slimeball tactics of today are a mere continuation of Mr. Obama's slimeball tactics from Chicago elections.


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