Bankruptcy for California?

Private business sometimes go bankrupt. That can result from many things. Losing your biggest (or only) customer, for example. A business cannot force customers to come through its doors and lay down money for its products or services.

To run a state into bankruptcy takes real (negative) talent. And public employee unions. And maybe a clueless (i.e., largely "progressive") electorate. Like California.

Think about it. Bad economy, you still have to pay taxes. The government can and does force its "customers" through the door and forces them to pay. The government can cut programs. It can lay people off. It will always continue to have some income. It merely needs to cut the cost of services to the level that the state can afford on its income.

Yes, cuts get pretty unpopular with those who receive the benefits. Running a state government requires fortitude, fortitude that squishy liberals don't have. They don't want to cut the benefits of X, because they have made X so dependent on the government benefits that X might suffer. How many X's will suffer if the government goes down the tubes completely?

The Federal government is now considering allowing states to go into bankruptcy. What king of terrible governing -- governor and the legislature -- would allow that to happen. It is not like California has been unaware of its downward fiscal trend.

Man up, California. You have a problem. Go solve it as if you were run by responsible adults, rather than "gimme, gimme" children. Real adults learn how to say no to children.


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