We need More Political Rhetoric, Not Less

The headline of this post is an excellent article by Geoffery P. Hunt at The American Thinker. Here is a teaser:
The Rodeo Clown Posse was led out of Tucson in a cloud of dust with a hay-burning frenzy by Arizona's Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. Close in tow were hyper-boiling politicians and the usual lefty print and TV media cowboys such as Rep. James Clyburn, columnist Paul Krugman, TV antagonista Chris Matthews, and even our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. These tin-star constables couldn't get on their donkeys fast enough to round up the usual outlaws. The leading perennial villain, of course, is overheated political rhetoric, the euphemism for any strongly held opinion that differs from the liberal narrative.


Speech of all types -- political or otherwise -- is protected because it forms the fundamental platform for sustaining the marketplace of ideas without which a democratic republic cannot survive. That's not to say that all ideas are equally elegant or elegantly expressed, or even that they deserve to be heard. But most ideas, even if clumsily expressed or devoid of merit, whether asserted gently or forcefully, deferentially or in your face, form the nutrient-rich red blood cells of our great nation's discourse.
Read it all here.


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