20th Century Genocide

I was reminded of a bit of history today. In the twentieth century, genocide was advocated by the socialists and the communists. \

The communists wanted to get rid of those they (the elites) did not consider productive members of society or those who were not "new men" having a bad attitude about being cogs on society's wheels. The National Socialists, when they took over in Germany, had a purpose of genetic purification, to create a master race.

The German exterminated 6 million Jews in their endeavor. The Soviet communists exterminated 7 million Ukranians by deliberate starvation and millions more in other totalitarian progroms. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia killed another two to three million in genocidal campaigns.

These are not flukes of history. Purification by genocide is central to core communist and socialist philosophy -- all to create a better world (in their view). (Oh, we really don't think that anymore, they'll say. Sure. Not until you are in power.)

It baffles me that anyone today could give either ideology any credence whatsoever. But the left does.

It will be different this time, they think. Really?


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