Sacrificed Survivors

While it easy to lament the fact that the "day that will live in infamy" at Pearl Harbor is being forgotten as new generations of Americans are born and educated (in government schools). However, the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor are a very different Japanese than those who make our automobiles and who are significant trading partners.

9/11 is a very different thing. Even though 9/11 was almost 10 years ago, 2001, the left leaning media are working hard, overtime even, to make us forget it. I cannot, and we as a country should not. They are still trying to kill us.

The same mass murderers who planned the 9/11 attack are still out there plotting against us and trying (and succeeding) to subvert some American youth to their cause.

The Cordoba Mosque which is actually on a ground zero site (one of the aircraft engines dropped on the building), appears to be a celebration of the Islamic victory that Islamaists celebrated after the 9/11 attacks. Imam Rauf, former head of the committee promoting the Mosque warned in a televised interview that if America deterred the Muslims from this victory mosque (victory is my word, not his), Americans would not be safe anywhere in the world. That, my friends, is a threat we cannot bow to.

I urge everyone to see Sacrificed Survivors, the documentary about people who lost their lives on 9/11 and the insult of this victory mosque. Because of freedom of religion, we know the government cannot stop the mosque from being built, but the there are other lawful ways to stop it. If the promoter Muslims were really civic minded, they would understand the insult and understand the tension they are creating, and would stop. By continuing to promote the mosque (current being operating in violation of building codes), the message they are sending is one of defiance to public sensibility and one of celebration of a triumph of Islam over America.

Watch the film. Go to a showing. Buy the video.

And remember 9/11.


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