Pigford Fraud

The so-call Pigford settlements, see previous post with links, are rife with fraud. For a long time, only Andrew Breitbart was on the story. Fortuately, he is tenacious. Here are the resource on the Biggovernment site.

Now, some members of Congress are finally waking to the massive fraud.

Watch here for the latest press conference (or was it merely a presentation?) on the issue, which took place at CPAC. I am not sure what the video is to which Ms. Bachmann refers, but here is the Biggovernment.com Pigford feed.

Any time the federal government gathers together a pot of money, people try to get their hands on it bey fair means or foul. Mostly foul in this case.

The best way to prevent Federal government fraud: keep money out of the control of the Federal government. Period.

In my view, the people committing the fraud are not the only criminals in this mess. Also criminal are the actions of Congress-critters and bureaucrats who turned a blind eye to the fraud. Accessories before and after the fact.


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