Obama The Statist Speaks to the Chamber of Commerce

If you can stand listening to this guy, pay attention to his constant implication that we(meaning government) must make sure the business does ... whatever. We already know that President Obama's understanding of economics is nil. He thinks that government should be in charge of pushing business.

In the clip, the President does not say what is reported below his image. If President Obama really said that government standards would spark innovation and competition, he is dumber than I give him credit for. Standard are guaranteed to do exactly the opposite.

Standards always stifle innovation. That, it seems, is the purpose of standards.

As for competition, only those with enough money can afford to hire the experts necessary to comply with the inevitably complex government standards. so, standards destroy competition, by limiting access to the market.

Where did we ever find this doofus President? 2012 can't come soon enough.


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