Moron of the Day: the IRS

Today, I ran in into an new annoying IRS regulation. My wife and I do not have a joint bank account. However, we filed our taxes jointly and received a refund addressed to both of us. My wife duly endorsed the check and I took time from work to deposit the check into my account.

Noooooooo. I was not permitted to deposit the check. Under a new regulation, my wife has to be physically present for me the deposit the check, I guess because I might have committed fraud.

So here we are. Both us us need to take time off work merely to deposit a check.

If a commit fraud, charge me, try me, convict me.

This is simply another regulation to punish the innocent for the crimes of the few.

Congratulations to the unnamed bureaucrat behind the IRS regulation, working hard hard to make life in the United States a little less pleasant day-by-day.

Today's Moron of the Day. The IRS.


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