Almost Moron of the Day: Chesapeake Schools, Virginia

Oregano is a herb that is a staple in my favorite Italian foods. Oil of Oregano is thought to have health benefits, specifally as a natural anti-fungal treatment.

So, why was Hickory Middle School 7th grader, and National Honor Society candidate, Adam Grass along with four other boys suspended for possession of a healthful substance? It look too much like marijuana. Adam was suspended over the Chesapeake Schools zero intelligence policy, the schools call a zero tolerance policy.

In a fit of temporary sanity, and only after the Rutherford Institute lawyers got involved, the school district rescinded the 10 day suspension six days later.

The school district superintendent thus narrowly escaped our coveted Moron of the Day award. Granted the school should never have proposed to impose a suspension for possession of a natural healthful substance, but at least it did the right thing in the end ... under threat of an embarrassing lawsuit.


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