Democrats To Shut Down Government

It seems the Democrats actually want to shut down the government, because they know the DNC meida arm (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and NPR) will falsely blame the shut down on the Republicans.

The Republican-dominated house of Congress, the House of Representatives, passed a budget with only modest budget cuts, but the Senate Democrats prefer to saddle future taxpayers with today's excesses. The Senate Democrats refuse to let the House-passed legislation come to a vote. Note: budget bills MUST originate in the House, under the Constitution.

Of course the Democrats are unhappy that the House refused to fund Obamacare and the House does not think that carbon dioxide, a natural element of our atmosphere, is a pollutant (because it is not).

As for Obamacare, did the Democrats not notice the trouncing that Obamacare proponents took in November 2010? If they are really so deluded they think that the public wants Obamacare, pass the budget defunding it, blame the Republicans for defunding it, and let the public respond in the next election. Of course, the public generally dislikes the Obamacare linchpin: the mandatory purchase of insurance. and without that linchpin, the entire scheme collapses.

And it is a scheme.

The Democrats threaten to shut down the government, knowing their press fellow travelers will dishonestly blame the Republicans. Memo to Democrats: the public is not really that stupid. Memo to Republicans: keep saying the truth over and over, that the House passed a budget and the Democrat-controlled Senate refuses.

The truth will set up free. And bring back our light bulbs.


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