Obama the Race Baiter

The US News and World Report is saying that President Obama thinks that race is a component in the Tea Party opposition to him and his policies.

I am not surprised that he thinks so. This is a guy who thought that everyone would like the federal government take-over of the nations health care system if he explained it well enough. He explained it over and over again, but the problems exist in the concept and in the legislation and cannot be explained away.

So, the President needs a scapegoat. No one will listen to his wonderful explanations for his far left programs, because we are all racist. It has nothing to do with the Tea Party folks valuing personal freedom more than big government nannies intruding into every aspect of our lives. No. The Government-is-good crowd truly cannot conceive anyone disagreeing with their unrealistic utopian views.

Shame on you Mr. President, for your myopia.


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