Criminal Enterprise Acorn Still Taking Money Despite Liquidation

Fox News is reporting that the criminal enterprise ACORN that filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August 2010 continues to take poor people's money automatically withdrawing money from their bank accounts.

Fox reports on the story of Kerry Sheldon who sign up for membership when Acorn promised to help her with her mortgage in default. It sounded good at $10 per month.

But Acorn did not help and did not communicate with her. Ms. Sheldon worked out her own problems with the bank and asked Acorn to cancel her membership. Despite promising that the membership was cancelled, Acorn kept taking her money directly from her account. Ms. Sheldon was afraid to close her account, because with her credit problems she feared she would not be able to open another.

Fox News spoke with Acorn's bankruptcy lawyer:
Joseph W. Shulter, a bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio, tells that under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is illegal for ACORN to continue collecting funds from members.

“Under liquidation they must cancel auto withdrawals,” he says. “Had they filed to re-organize, they would be able to.” But ACORN was calling it quits altogether.

Read more:
According to the report, Ms. Sheldon is not alone. Former Acorn representatives refused to comment.

That is how the left cares for the poor.


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