Stupid Government Trick: DEA Seizes State of Georgia's Supply of Lethal Injection Drug

The State of Georgia apparently purchased one of its lethal injection drugs from a foreign pharmaceutical unapproved by the food and Drug Administration. apparently the feds are worried that the drug might not be safe enough to use to kill death row inmates. Really. Read it here.

As on blogger on IMAO so clearly put it under the headline, "Making Death Safer":
This is one of those things that, a few years ago, would have been a story in the Onion or some other satiric source.

In Obama America (AKA Bizarro World), it’s business as usual.
I want to make one thing clear. I favor the death penalty, but only in cases of murder where the (1) the circumstances are particularly nasty (torture and murder, serial killers etc.) and (2) the perpetrator is proven beyond any doubt. I don't want to chance the execution of a possibly innocent person, despite conviction by a jury supposedly beyond a reasonable doubt. Eyewitness testimony and even confessions are suspect. Read False Justice by for Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro and his wife Nancy Petro.

Still, demanding that a drug whose sole purpose is to kill be safe is a new low in government regulation.


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