Another Dem Ad Pretending to be Conservative -- Updated

Notice that the party of the candidate is never mentioned. If it is true that the Republican is a RINO who does not support concealed carry. the Democrat would have my vote.

From Vicky Hartzler's web site:
I am 100% pro-life and a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment.
How can you be a Second Amendment supporter and oppose concealed carry?

Hartzler’s campaign accuses Skelton of distorting her concealed carry vote, which it says she opposed “because she felt conceal-and-carry should be the right of individual Missourians and not subjected to a referendum. She took that principled stand and was praised for doing so by gun lobbyists, gun owners and the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance.”
Source: Daily Caller. If what the Hartzler campaign says is true, I just hate it when politicians distort ("spin") their opponents positions into making it sound the opposite of what it really is, even if the precise statement used is literally factual. If you use a statement that is technically true to convey a message that is the opposite of the truth, it is dishonest.


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