Don't Vote If You Don't Study The Candidates and Issues

From an article by Selwyn Duke in The American Thinker:
It has become apparent that most Americans simply don't take voting very seriously. This is especially true of those who encourage voting. They'll tell us that walking into a polling place and pulling a lever is our civic duty, but this isn't true. Our civic duty is to cultivate wisdom in ourselves and become conversant with the issues; the walking and pulling part is just a natural byproduct of that.

Yet so many try to pull others to the polls, claiming that mass participation in the electoral process somehow makes our country better. I guess it is in the way that having everyone take a turn in the cockpit of a 747 would make air travel better or having everyone try his hand at brain surgery would make brains healthier. The latter is hard to imagine, of course, but it would increase the likelihood that those brains would vote Democrat.
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If you attuned to politics in Ohio, you know that "Brown" is a great name to get elected. People recognize "Brown" and pull the lever (touch the screen).

You don't think that goofy Senator Sherrod Brown would actually get elected if Ohio voters really knew what he stands for, do you?


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