Will Republicans Fail Us, Too?

As an apparent electoral tsunami approaches, the question for us voters is whether the Republicans will attack the problems of excessive government and excessive spending, or whether they will simply stick their snouts into the public trough as usual.

We are being told that the Republicans are nervous about the tea parties, even as the tea parties are predicted to help sweep the Republicans into office. The squishy RINO's should be nervous.

I hope the tea parties have traction. If the Republican vote for bigger government and more spending and fail to reduce both, they should be voted out. We need to keep voting out the big spenders until the politicians get the message.

It is really unhelpful and short sighted to vote for Republicans merely because they are not as bad as the Democrats. Republican strategists do not seem to get that concept.

It is not much of a campaign slogan, either: "Vote for us, we are not as bad as the Democrats."


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