Racism and Antisemitism in NAACP Condemned

The Voice of Reason hereby condemns all racism and antisemitism in the ranks of the NAACP and urges the NAACP to take effective and public steps to rid itself of these bad elements..

The racism of the NAACP is well documented (example here) and need not be repeated further.  The NAACP antisemitism is best exemplified by its embrace of Louis Farrakhan at one of its summits where Farrakhan jabbered nonsense about whitey and the Jews.  Report here..

The hypocritical NAACP has released a report claiming that there is bigotry in the tea party movement.  Guess what?  There are conservative bigots, liberal bigots, progressive bigots, black bigots, white bigots, red bigots, yellow bigots and green bigots scattered throughout society, and can be found in any movement or large organization.  The Democratic party for instance.

If the tea part is so bigoted, why is Herman Cain so popular among the tea partiers?

The NAACP has abandoned all pretense of credibility, in my opinion.


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