Obama v. Bush Job Creation/Loss

The graph above compares the mediocre job creation/loss performance of George Bush in eight years with the horrible job creation/loss performance of Barack Obama in only two years.  President Obama is constantly claiming that he is merely trying to dig the country out of a hole created in the last eight years, apparently forgetting that the most recent and worst two of the last eight years were on his watch.

Neither president is on the plus side with private jobs.  Both added federal government jobs.

President Obama said recently that people talk about him like a dog.  Well, in this case it is, "Bad Dog."

[Note: When referring "years" in this post, I am referring human years, not dog years.]


CatOnSunday said…
It's funny that you include the jobs lost in the first 6 months of the presidency. Unless you thought that the President had magic job creation powers. Actually, I'd look at ANY presidency, and look at the years starting with the year after they took office, and ending with the year AFTER they leave office, since it takes time to turn that kind of things around. I mean, unless he had a time machine. And of course, I'm sure you included the GDP to compare with that. Either that or it's a useless graph. I'm betting on useless.
Conservatarian said…
As disclosed on the chart, it was produced by economists at George Mason University, not me.

I don't think any president creates jobs, really. I think an administration with Congress have policies that encourage or discourage private job creation, although clearly they "create" government jobs which are non-productive in an economic sense. That is, they produce no goods or services that enhance anyone's standard of living outside government.

Neither George Bush + Congress nor Barack Obama + Congress has much to brag about in private job creation.

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