Time to Defund NPR

Yesterday NPR terminated the contract of generally liberal commentator Juan Williams who, while arguing for tolerance the clearly distinguished between ordinary Muslims and radical Islam, admitted he get nervous when people in Islamic garb get on an airplane with him.

On September 11, 2001, radical Muslims killed three thousand people using passenger airlines as weapons. Juan Williams admitted to being human. For this he gets canned?

When publicly-funded radio enforces speech codes contrary to First Amendment principles (it is significantly government-funded after all), you know it has outlived its usefulness (if it ever had any).

What is the federal government doing funding even in part a radio station anyway? Exactly what enumerated power authorizes that funding?

Juan Williams is one of the more rational liberals in the media. I mostly disagree with him, but respect his reasoning, because unlike many, he uses reason to support his positions. NPR's action was reprehensible.

Defund NPR, now.  Or just after the 11-2-10 revolution.  Refudiate it.


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