Entitlement Mentality

The Reason websites, reason.org and reason.com have interesting tidbits of information.

I was struck by one that illustrates the depths to which we have sunk into the Nanny state. It is not even a story about bad behavior by the government. It is about the attitude of certain recipients of Nanny state benefits. The entitlement mentality. Those who think they have special rights. Here is the report:
Two women have filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations claiming they were denied service at a Lake Wales bar because they are black. Mildred Richardson and Ida Mae Royal said they went to the bar for a sandwich and when a waitress asked them what they wanted they said they wanted to order lunch. They say the waitress told them they didn't serve food, and they believe that constitutes racial discrimination. The bar's owner, Kerry Winkler, says he doesn't have a food license and no one—regardless of their color—can order lunch there.


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